We pride ourselves in our principals and strive towards reaching our goals


  • To create a real authentic cultural experience for our visitors

  • To promote social cohesion

  • To respect and preserve the culture in the village

  • To create a platform for local community to harnhass existing skills to enhance livilihood

  • To create a sustainable tourism initiative to the benefit of communities

  • To create platforms and support for skills development within the community

  • To create job opportunities

  • To contribute towards growth within the tourism sector

TAHS-SA will ultimately address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality and lack of skills development in rural villages by using tourism as a vehicle for change. The Rural Homestay initiative will provide employment opportunities which will increase income, enables development and is compatible with other economic activities within the immediate and broader areas of Limpopo. It is therefore believed that as the programme develops, there will be meaning increase in local benefits, particularly within host communities living in areas where tourism potential exists. The successful implementation of the TAHS-SA principals will create awareness and provide a blueprint that can be replicated throughout the country for all-inclusive growth.