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Meet Kylie and Cameron Murray, the two whose passion for tourism and people combined to create an amazing opportunity for local communities accross South Africa. 


It al started in 2016, when they wanted to change things up in Tourism in South Africa, not just giving people amazing experiences but also uplift locals by using tourism as a vehicle. Driving around in rural Limpopo, ideas was poppoing up left , right and center. How could they include communities in tourism? how could they create opportunities for locals? Being in Limpopo in mid summer on a afternoon is quite a hot journey, thay saw a sign " Makushu Tavern" and popped in for an ICE COLD beer. The rest was history! Immediately they knew exactly what they wanted to do REAL AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES IN RURAL COMMUNITIES! 


After meeting the Community leaders, explaining the idea to them, the whole community jumped on board and was super excited to create a brand new sustainable and responsible experience for travellers across the globe. 


TAHS-SA was established in 2016 by Kylie and Cameron Murray. Engagements in the Makushu community ( Venda Culture) started towards the end of 2016 and official tourism training commenced in January 2017. The Makushu Homestay experience was launched in August 2017, whith the very first international guests visiting December 2017. 


Each and every guest that visit the community contributes directly to the community as a whole, ea percentage of the booking fee is contributed to two funds, a community fund, that is used for all the NGOs in the community ( Creche, School, Orphanage, Old age centre) and a skills development fund, this is used to improve skills  in all commuiies that TAHS-SA is currently engaged in. 


In 2019 TAHS-SA partnered with Abang Africa Travel and The Tourism Conservation Fund in order to engage with yet another rural community to create more opportunities. TAHS-SA officially started with training in Mashishimale Community (Pedi Community) situated in Limpopo close to the Phalaborwa Kruger Gate. Mashishimale Homestay Experience launched on 27 February 2020.

In 2020 soldiering a world wide epidemic , not being able to host any guests , the founders used this time to create another homestay ecperience in Kwa Zulu Natal. Partnering with Wildlands and the Flanders project, TAHS-SA started to engage with the Gumbi Community (Zulu Commuity) situated in Northen KwaZulu Natal. Training during Covid was definately a taxing task but the Gumbi community was ready to be part of a real opportunity that can uplift their community with the Gumbi Homestay Experience.


In August 2022, TAHS-SA partnered with Kruger 2 Canyons Biosphere and The Flanders Project in Phiring commuity (Pedi, Swati) situated at the Blyde River Canyon. Training is currently ongoing and the Phiring Homestay Experience is set to launch in April 2023.


Using tourism as a vehicle to uplift communities.