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What  to expect when you visit one of the Homestay experiences. 


Immerse yourself in the local community, stay with a local homestay mom, in her family home. You will be greeted by our friendly guides upon arrival to the community. 


Be welcomed by the Chief and the local traditional dance girls as they celebrate your impact by visiting the community. 


Enjoy traditional meals and take part in the everyday life of the community while taking part in traditional activities. 



Activities include:


  • Explore the Village Route (visiting all the NGOs, interesting village sites, meet the community, visiting the local shops and more)
  • Traditional Floormaking
  • Traditional Cooking
  • Traditional Beading
  • Traditional Dancing
  • Traditional Beer tasting
  • Beautifull mountain walk
  • Immersing yourself in the village


Get to know each village as you do the explore the village route. Visit the NGOs within the community, see the sacred spots, meet the community members and learn more about the everyday life of each community. 

Explore how traditional beer is made and have a taste, you might just LOVE it!

Learn about the diffrent traditions in each community as the local cultural guides teach you all about the customs and traditions of their culture. 

Take part in the local traditional activities, whether it is traditional floormaking, matmaking, beading or dancing!